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lizzy loo who's Journal

9th July, 2003. 8:19 pm. im back here...

I remembered I had this all of a sudden....and said hey.

i want to do something tonight.

hopefully something fun.

Current mood: cranky.

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27th April, 2003. 12:50 pm.

I haven't written in this journal forever, just thought I would for a change of pace. Life is good. I am going to coldplay in May, that should be freakin rad. I haven't seen them play in way to long...I can't wait.

Current mood: excited.

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28th March, 2002. 11:51 pm. Oh Madonna...

This guy was meant for me
And I was meant for him
This guy was dreamt for me
And I was dreamt for him
This guy has danced for me
And I have danced for him
This guy has cried for me
And I have cried for him

Many miles, many roads
I have traveled
Fallen down on the way
Many hearts, many years
Have unraveled
Leading up to today

This guy has prayed for me
And I have prayed for him
This guy was made for me
And I was made for him

Many miles, many roads
I have traveled
Fallen down on the way
Many hearts, many years
Have unraveled
Leading up to today

I have no regrets
There's nothing to forget
All the pain was worth it
Not running from the past
I tried to do what's best
I know that I deserve it

Many miles, many roads
I have traveled
Fallen down on the way
Many hearts, many years
Have unraveled
Leading up to today

Current mood: cheerful.

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27th March, 2002. 11:37 pm. I tried...

Well I freaked myself out for nothing today. I wanted to give blood, but was a little scared of the pain and what not...but it turned out I couldn't even donate because of my low iron count. Oh well. A little disapointing, but hey..."I tried." I hope I don't get this sickness that everyone else is getting! I would not enjoy puking. Not the most enjoyable thing to be doing over Spring Break.

Well, I'm tired...I'm going to lay down.



Current mood: exhausted.

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24th March, 2002. 11:35 pm. I want to get lost...and find my way.

I want to walk with you.
On steady ground.
I want to get lost in my childhood,
In these last precious moments of it.
I want to dance carelessly in the rain.
Not a worry in my heart.
I want to find my way,
Push the pain aside.
Push it away.
I want to fall in love,
All over again.
With you.

Current mood: artistic.

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24th March, 2002. 12:45 am. Being disapointed is so lame!

Well, today started off good. But once I got to work, and from the time I was there, to the time I got home...pretty much, well...sucked. I haven't complained for awhile...but I have a few tonight, and no one to talk to...so I'll just tell the computer. Work wasn't so bad, I just didn't want to be there, and then my till was off at the end of the night (money was missing), and then half way home I realized I forgot to put some things away, (Not really a big deal, but still...frustrating for me.) And then my mom wouldn't let me go out once I got home...and then I was just so frustrated...I picked a very un-necesarry fight with her. I was being such a typical teen...Bad day + I don't get my way = me taking out my bad day on her and making it all her fault. "She's the reason I have a job and have to work in the first place, and I can't quit because I have to pay insurance, (when really I don't want to quit and I like having a job) I can never do the fun stuff with my friends, my senior year is horrible....ahhhhhhh." I am awful. But she told me to look at the bright side. Maybe I should. Life really is good. I just had one bad night. hmmmmm...it's going to be OK. Well, Kelly is in Cali, and Julia is coming home tomorrow!!! I miss her too much. Sorry for complaining...I won't do it again. haha! Well...goodnight to all!


PS: hope you had a better night than I did.

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18th March, 2002. 11:12 pm. I need to not be an insomniac!!!

Tonight I will go to bed at a decent time. I will force myself to go to bed early...no more ridiculously LATE nights of doing absolutely nothing of importance. I will drift off to the soft playing sounds of Coldplay, or Juliana Theory...or something to that sort, and hopefully have sweet dreams. And then wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day!

Well the extended day dance crew is off to Texas and then to Florida, and I am insanely jealous. But I still wish them to have an excellent time, and I pray they stay safe on thier trip.

Well, I am heading to bed now.

Good night to all!

Current mood: good.

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17th March, 2002. 6:37 am. HEY TAKE A NEW TEST ABOUT LIZZY...




Take it! See how you do on this one...

(say what you will)

17th March, 2002. 3:56 am. So here I am...

Things seem to be falling into place. Everything is making sense, and I am beginning to have direction. I have everything I have ever wanted right in front of me, and I've learned to not take it for granted. I want to strive to be a better person, and I want to strive to be a better friend, daughter, sister, and girlfriend. Growing up is scary, but I am feeling more and more ready...as the days go by. I'm comforted in the decisions I've made for next year. Even though they are not glamorous or ideal, my plans for next year excite me. I have made the decision that next year I will attend Clark College, stay employeed, and live at home. I'm not ashamed of Clark, not even a little bit. I haven't heard back from UW yet, but even if I were to get in, I would decline my acceptance. I want to stay here next year, I'm not ready to leave this town. It might sound pathetic, but I don't think it is. I supose we all want different things.

Well, goodness it is entirely too late. I closed the store tonight, and then went to Julia's. That's where I am right now. She is sleeping, and I am not...I feel like a loser. But you've got to understand, I have been away from the internet for quite some time now...it's insane. It's funny though...I didn't really miss it at all...all the IMing, livejournaling, and emailing...I never really thought about it. And I'm not sure if this live journal entry is just a one time thing, or if it's a RE-entrance into the livejournal scene. Probably a one time thing. We'll see.

I hope you got home safely tonight. I thought about you all day.

Goodnight to all.


(say what you will)

24th February, 2002. 10:30 pm. THE END.

well, i am done with this whole live journal thing. for now. too personal I realize. goodnight too all!


Current mood: chipper.

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